The game of Loef
Or : the making of life

The game of Loef is about making life. In this game you can control sprinklers, heaters, and fans so you can make something of a biosphere. With the OrangeGuntm you can shoot oranges into the world, preferably in warm and wet places. Now, just as in your -or rather my- garbagecan, the oranges start to rot and little flies come out. This is the beginning of life.

These flies live their own lives. If they're lucky (or just plain smart) they find enough food to stay alive and hopefully find their dreammate to have little flies with. If they're unlucky and they dont find any food or mate, they die from starvation. When they do make babies however, the little flies in turn start scavenging for food and potential sexpartners. Just like their parents.

Just like ? not quite. Small differences occur between parent and child, just as they would in nature. These differences may be actually quite advantageous for the new fly and make it somewhat better equipped for the life in Loefje's world. So, an evolutionary process has started. From this process, any type of creature can evolve. It's up to you what creatures you want to create. With your weather-tools you can create any type of environment so that you 'select' which type of creatures can survive.

From the remains of the rotting oranges, the source of all life, trees can grow. These trees grow up when they get enough water and sunlight (so you make sure you care for them with your sprinkler and heater) and grow new oranges, which you can take from the grown-up trees. From these oranges you can grow new trees, which, like the flies, may differ slightly from their parent-tree. So you can make special food for your favourite creatures too !

Here are some screenshots, to show you what this world actually looks like. The red areas are hot, the blue is cold and the green is wet. so an orange or yellow color is a warm and wet environment, since red and green light produce a yellow color. The environment is a little like a micro-greenhouse. The hot air rises, cold air goes down and fans can be used to move large volumes of air forth and back. when it gets really cold, rain turns into snow and when it get really (really) hot, the rain and water evaporates.

Click here to download loefje.